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masters of doom book cover

Masters of DOOM


Why we like… DOOM is a inspiring story of reaching for the stars Rule-breaking at it’s IT savy and mod-able finest Proof that in business, strong personalities matter DOOM is the bedrock of the modern FSP gaming phenomenon DOOM lives on – standby for the latest release next week! Well…

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simpsons lego

Lego Simpsons Kwik-E Mart


Why we like… clever execution of ‘micro-build’ technique incredible attention to detail lots of custom-print lego pieces fun and time-consuming build fantastic colour scheme this set is packed with humour!

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Jonathan strange and mr norrell in lounge

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell


Why we like… perfectly captures the mood of the original book considered costume design expertly paced series beautifully cast eerie, mysterious and thought-provoking story rather than spectacle a simple tale told in sensitive detail Learn more about this stunning 8-part TV series on IMDB.

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Zoomer Dino!

Sensory toy robot fun


Why we like… Balancing (gyroscopic) technology 3-way sensitive nose sensors fast motors and agile turning fantastic plastic molding curious temperament wicked sense of humour!

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cool New Balance design

New Balance Classics Range


Why we like… Bright and fresh colours Classic retro sneaker styling Comfortable and fashionable Individualistic! View the range,en_AU,sc.html

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BigCommerce design service now in NZ


Did you know that Envisage offers a fully featured eCommerce design service? Early last year we created an eCommerce design division called Internet Stores New Zealand (iSNZ). Partnering with programmer George Shaw, design director Simon Owen is now designing robust and feature-rich online stores every day. Our platform of choice…

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Wordpress logo branding

Sensational WordPress web design 2013


Did you know that Envisage Design are now one of the leading studios in New Zealand who specialise in developing WordPress websites? As a fulltime freelancer who has been designing for over 20 years now, I know a thing or to about the Design Process. Yawn you might, but it…

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New MacBook Air passes the studio test


Our busy design studio has been using the new 2012 MacBook Air ever since Apple refreshed it’s laptop line up back in July this year. Read on to discover our opinion on how our new MBA compares, and most importantly performs, in a professional design studio environment. Weighing it up…

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The new Envisage Design website


Our ethos distilled We’re thrilled to release the next version of our company website. This is our 5th design make-over since 1998 and we feel is by far the best result yet. Envisage have worked hard to build a site that truly reflects and communicates our unique design ethos. We…

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New horizons on a changing landscape


Despite the stagnant gobal economic situation, Envisage is finding 2012 a year of bugeoning opportunity. envisage has been in the creative business long enough to recongise that keeping nimble and moving early is the key to success. New opportunities are being presented to our studios by local and international forward…

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