Sensational WordPress web design 2013

Simon Owen

21 June 2013
Wordpress logo branding
Wordpress logo branding

Did you know that Envisage Design are now one of the leading studios in New Zealand who specialise in developing WordPress websites?

As a fulltime freelancer who has been designing for over 20 years now, I know a thing or to about the Design Process. Yawn you might, but it is this process that allows me to spin out unique and commercially relevant new sites day after day. And what platform do I predominately use? You got it, WordPress!

I freelance design sites every day with WordPress in mind. Konwing WordPress inside out allows me to design templates (I like to call them ‘skins’) completely offline in my application of choice, seeking client comments and approval before construcing the sites proper in an online environment. Envisage has a truck-load of tips and tricks for designing and implemention into WordPress. That’s why each and every project my clients’ and I work on is an absolute joy.

2013 has seen WordPress come of age and with new developments on the way. Envisage are pleased to have backed this free and open source CMS as a proven and industry-standard design solution.

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