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DanceMoves specialize in small group tuition in Salsa Partner Dancing,BachataRueda and how to free your spirit and enjoy your individuality on the dance floor. Director Catherine Callaghan brings more than 20 years of dance teaching experience to her Nelson-based business, DanceMoves.

Freelance web designer Simon Owen, at Envisage Design, is proud to have recently helped Catherine rebrand her website and bring her business to Googles’ attention. DanceMoves now ranks on the first page, and thanks a full listing on Google Maps, students can easily find the dance studio.

Catherines’ is a cost-effective site rebrand, even so, at Envisage we never cut corners when it comes to functionality and attractive design.

Our multimedia skills also came in handy during this project. We filmed, edited and cut interactive dance-step DVDs for Catherine’s students. Time to get your groove on!

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