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NetHui 2011 Auckland

By Simon Owen,
Web Designer, Envisage

NZ website design studio interior
NZ website design studio interior

NetHui 2011 SkyCity Auckland

Envisage Design was proud be the collateral design supplier to the inaugural NetHui event held at SkyCity Auckland, 29 June – 1st July 2011.

The theme for this year’s NetHui was ‘Shaping our Future together’, and brought industry leaders together from New Zealand and around the world to discuss and present across 6 streams:

  • Governance and Legal
  • Access and Diversity
  • Cybercitizenship
  • Government and Openness
  • Education
  • Innovation and Emerging Issues

Keynote speakers included Rod Drury Founder and CEO of Xero, Bill English Deputy Prime Minister and Hon Steven Joyce, Minister for ICT.

NetHui is an initiative brough to light by InternetNZ. The event was sponsored (among others) by Google, TradeMe and Alcatel-Lucent.

Envisage Design provided a premium layout service to the conference manager by way of handbooks, signage, procket programmes, powerpoint templates and sponsorship proposals.

We wish NetHui all the very best in a new initiative that is community-led, values every participant, and brings together diverse groups with an interest in Internet issues across New Zealand.

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