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Welcome to We Like. This section of our website is a blogging platform for contemporary art and visual expression that explores a range of creative disciplines. Our website design studio celebrates the work of both emerging and established artists through ongoing allegiances to make art and design accessible to everyone. In the brief articles below, we explore design culture through the latest in fine art, graphic design, publishing, street art, photography, illustration, music and animation. Enjoy!

Envisage facebook header

Facebook Timeline templates

We love the design measures now in place on Facebook. Especially how their entire site has become more visual. This allows us to have...
Envisage design nz logo

Website design for NZ holiday park

Envisage Design has over 20 years experience in designing for the tourism sector. Our legacy grows with the rebrand of Wairoro Holiday Park, Russell...
Envisage design nz logo

Designer eBooks

Since 1993, Envisage have designed over 300 book covers and 11,000 editorial pages for New Zealand publishers. We're now getting into eBook design. It's...
Envisage design nz logo

Luxury brands eStore

On behlaf of a new client, Envisage Design have just branded and successfully launched a new Luxury Designer Labels online storefront. www.LabelsUnique.com.au is the...
Envisage design nz logo

PlatoCODE brochures

PlatoCODE president John Ryan chose the right designer when he wanted a technically smart solution for a new brochure. Since 1993 Envisage Design has...
Envisage design nz logo

Legends of World Rugby book

There is a lot of talk about New Zealand and Rugby these days. No doubt because of the spectacular success of the 2011 Rugby...
Envisage design nz logo

Rock & Roll designer

Talk about a Rock & Roll designer lifestlye. Back in the early 90's, Envisage had quite a name for magazine design. As such, we...
Envisage design nz logo

Jentra Events

We're designing and launching a new website almost every week these days. The latest cab off the rank is Jentra Events. Established in 2006...
Envisage design nz logo

Business Hall of Fame

Envisage has designed themes and event graphics for over 56 corporate functions since 1993. Many of the events we design for are attended by...

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