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Welcome to We Like. This section of our website is a blogging platform for contemporary art and visual expression that explores a range of creative disciplines. Our website design studio celebrates the work of both emerging and established artists through ongoing allegiances to make art and design accessible to everyone. In the brief articles below, we explore design culture through the latest in fine art, graphic design, publishing, street art, photography, illustration, music and animation. Enjoy!

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Website User Guide

Managing your website just became a whole lot easier... This User Guide is an exclusive eBook for all clients of Envisage Design. We design all...
Envisage design nz logo

Hard Hat Media

Envisage specialises in fast turn-around website design for serious professionals. When freelance feature writer Matt Philp needed a credible web presence, he choose us...
nz retail poster design

Retail poster design

When Flexirent approached our graphic design studio wanting a templated poster design solution, Envisage created a concept that was clean and simple in execution. A...

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