iPhone in the corporate design business

If you’re like me, and you love your iPhone for it’s wide variety of applications and uncanny ability to have your office in your pocket, keep reading.

As a self-employed creative, I’m always discovering new ways of incorporating my 3G iPhone into everyday tasks. Calling it a phone is a bit of a misnomer in my opinion as it does so much more…

1.)First and foremost, the unit severs as my most important tool for gathering business and political news. This is done through the inbuilt Safari mobile web browser. Some of the best news sites on the web have now developed dedicated and highly functional mobile editions. These are my current mobile favorites:

2.) Stocks and Shares. The inbuilt ‘Stocks’ application is perfect for real-time updates on your portfolio. View markets over a 2 year history, then zoom in to the current days trades. Fast and useful.

3.) Maps. The out-of-the-box Maps application turns the iPhone into a mock GPS unit. Fantastic for locating hard to find clients.

4.) Voice record. Hey presto – your phone is transformed into a powerful dictaphone. Only $1 from the Apple App Store. Who said the iPhone wasn’t cheap?

5.) Weather. Planning a trip? Get ready for it by packing only what you need.

6.)Photos. Not only do I like to take pictures, I like to DO things with them. The iPhone and iPhoto talk to each other like best friends. Transferring photos to and from the iPhone serves as valuable visual reference for my design studio.

7.) SMS. Although I have never been a big fan of texting (due to the time it takes me to type a simple message), the iPhone changes all that. With a common touch screen keyboard there is no difference in between texting or typing an email – both are quick and easy to do.

8.) Music. One of the little talked about features of the 3G iPhone is that it comes with a built in speaker. The mini speaker option turns your iPhone into a bona fide music player without having to join the ‘me too’ white ear bud brigade. Perfect for when you are in the kitchen, garage or just chilling in your own space.

9.) Email on the go. This is the iPhone’s killer app as far as I am concerned. Having the ability to check my email anywhere outside the studio is a freedom beyond cost.

10.) Oh, did I mention that it is also a phone?

Simon Owen

Is director of Envisage Design NZ, freelance website and graphic designer .est 1994. Go go Yes!

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