Design Maverick

I am Simon Owen, a professional freelance graphic artist and website designer from New Zealand.

I am freelance designer Simon Owen.

Step into my virtual realm, a digital sanctuary meticulously crafted for your perusal. This platform stands as a testament to my creative prowess—a design haven where I am free to push the boundaries of emerging techniques.

Create. Change.

Within each of us is the power to create. When we create, we manifest change for ourselves and those around us. Change is a fundamental component of the human journey.

As humans, we sometimes feel powerless about the changes that occur around us. More often than not, it is decisions that Homo Sapiens make which affect us. Environmental influences affect us also.

My philosophy is that, as individuals, every decision we make is an important one. From the mundane to the complex, we have the power to cause positive change in the world.

Simon Owen

Simon Owen is a New Zealand graphic artist and website designer who creates beautiful solutions for companies and individuals to enhance lives in a positive way.

Make A Difference.

I'm available to talk through your next project. while offering constructive advice on best-practice professional website and graphic design available in my freelance design studio.


Designing Daily for Positive Influence

For corporate and self-published authors
Web pages designed and deployed using WordPress
Making sense of complex information
For various artisan FMG food & beverages
Themes for Corporate & Academic Events

“If you don't take risks, you will always work for someone who does”

“The reality we now face implores us to act.”

Founder & Chairman, The Climate Reality Project