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"If you don't take risks, you will always work for someone who does."

Welcome to my personal website!

This site is a design and layout experiment - it's not pretty or perfect (like my Nelson NZ website design studio work), but it's fun! This place let's me try out some cool web design techniques in my own personal space on the interwebs.

For privacy and ethical reasons, I am not on social media. Instead, find out more about the real me by connecting the old fashioned way - by phone, text or email.

It is a pleasure having you here. Read some old-school blog archives, learn about my freelance design career, or visit my full-time creative design studio at Tintagel in Nelson NZ.

Corporate publishing

  I have been designing for New Zealand publishers since 1991. Publishers generally come to me (the designer) seeking design advice at the very beginning of a publishing project. Publication design is time...

New toys in the studio

Xmas has arrived super early here in the Envisage Design studio. Specifically in the shape of a sparky brand new 27-inch iMac. I'm crunching some pretty big data these days, and often multi-tasking...

Sneek-peek at the new-look Envisage

Exciting things are brewing in the studio here in Nelson. My design studio (Envisage) has a self-rebranding project underway. This has been a major task and one that is long overdue. This is...

Envisage launches new website

The new-look Envisage website went live yesterday (15/04/2010). Envisage Design is the name in which I trade my graphic design services under. The new site was built entirely by me using an easy...

Creating a music video in 2 hours

Last week saw me bunkered down in a back room of the Hyatt in Auckland frantically designing a video clip for the NBR Best Dressed at the 2010 CAANZ Media Awards. This clip...

Bizarre websites

I'm digging new stuff at the moment. Not lingering in the same spot for too long if you know what I mean, it's all part of getting the creative juices flowing. Below you’ll...

Enjoy some of my fave eye-candy

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