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"If you don't take risks, you will always work for someone who does."

Welcome to my personal website!

This site is a design and layout experiment - it's not pretty or perfect (like my Nelson NZ website design studio work), but it's fun! This place let's me try out some cool web design techniques in my own personal space on the interwebs.

For privacy and ethical reasons, I am not on social media. Instead, find out more about the real me by connecting the old fashioned way - by phone, text or email.

It is a pleasure having you here. Read some old-school blog archives, learn about my freelance design career, or visit my full-time creative design studio at Tintagel in Nelson NZ.

my flickr mosaic

Using my new flickr Pro account, I created the mosaic above. Each tiny picture in this overall image is an individual piece from my very own portfolio. Neat eh!Spot the new flickr 'badge'...

the studio

A number of people have been asking me about my new office lately. Let's just say that it is a little different to working on Auckland's Queen Street!While I still work in an...

The year that was

2008 was another busy year with lots of change. A much needed rest was needed in a rural setting of the deep south.As a corporate B2B (business to business) designer I was acutely aware of...

Back to school

Yes, I went back to school today. Japanese Calligraphy School! Nelson City is very fortunate to have the only traditional Japanese calligraphy school and art gallery in New Zealand. My sincere thanks to Master...

I hereby propose

There is a fair bit of re-branding happening out there at the moment. Things are quieter, and business taking the opportunity and sharpen it's image and fine-tune it's message.My design studio has been...

Disconnect to Reconnect

Reconnect : reestablish a bond of communication or emotion."Sometimes you have to truely get away from it all to realise what is it you really have"My family recently had a wonderful experience deep in the Marlbouroh Sounds. Far,...

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